Thursday, 22 March 2012 and Verizon Wireless Announce Technology Relationship and Verizon Wireless Announce Technology Relationship

March 21, 2012
Vienna,VA and Verizon Wireless have recently decided to the to partner together. Verizon will have interactive security, home automation and energy management services available on their products. is pleased to be able to join up with a company that offers high quality services. The company will have a larger footprint now that they are with a larger network. Because the two companies have announced their relationship together Qualcomm Incorporated Gubi chipset will be included in the Verizon network because of the relationship between and Qualcomm. Qualcomm is pleased about the new partnership and is expected to grow significantly.

What is the trend? 

The trend that is shown in the article is partnerships between different companies. This trend is becoming more and more popular because building relationships with different companies can help improve both  companies in various ways. Companies will be able to use each others products to enhance their own products. They can also work together to improve the products. It is also very popular because building a  partnership opens up the company to the consumers of the other business which helps both businesses grow.

How is this trend changing society/ how is it affecting Businesses?

This trend is changing society by giving more to offer to consumers. The relationship between and Verizon products is an example of how products of Verizon will now have features that gave to them through their partnership. Building relationships affects a business in a positive way. They are able to gain support from other companies and build on their own product.

Opportunities that this can create for Entrepreneurs:

  • Getting discounts on products from companies
  • Gain customers that other businesses sell to
  • Create new ideas to improve and add to products and services

Services that are taking advantage of this trend

Audi Canada and Alpine Canada have built a long term partnership and are set out to each one another. Alpine Canada has given Audi Canada the platform to showcase their association with athletic performance and sporting events. Audi Canada supports Alpine by giving them a strong foundation for future growth in their skiing program.

Predictions on this trend

My predictions on this trend is that it will continue for a long time. The idea of two companies coming together and support each other as well as improving each others business is an excellent way to get gain popularity.

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