Saturday, 14 April 2012

Bad Inventions

Totally Absurd Inventions

Wild West Mouse Trap

The wild west mouse trap is a bad idea because the invention it is making the design of a simple mouse trap more complicated. The gun is  unnecessary to kill the mice and take up more space then the usual mousetrap.

Truth Extractor 

The truth extractor is an unrealistic invention. There is a skeleton with a video camera through the eyes and it believed to make people tell the truth when they look into the eyes. I think this invention is bad because its easier to lie to an inanimate object rather then a human being.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Middle Invention Ideas

Totally Absurd Inventions

Dance Fever

The Dance Fever is an okay invention. Although I think it would work and make dancing with people easier, it isn't needed to dance and not many people would be interested in purchasing the product.

Waterbed Womb

The water bed womb is also a pretty good invention. It would be pretty comfortable and cozy. The only down side of the water bed would be breaking it like any other water bed. As well this invention isn't a very original invention considering that the normal water bed is a lot like the womb.

Top Ideas

Totally Absurd Inventions

Shoulder Saddle

The shoulder saddle is one of the better ideas on the website because it makes it easier and safer for the father to carry his child on his shoulder. This is a good idea because it takes stress of the shoulders and is an alternative way to carrying a child.

Ultimate Lounger

The ultimate lounger is a good idea because it cools you down in the summer. Its an inexpensive way to stay cool in the summer instead of putting in a pool that takes up a lot of space.